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Coverages For Your Insured

Enhance your insured’s coverages by offering Identity Theft Restoration and Expense Reimbursement services. Coverage can be offered as an endorsement on existing policy’s or incorporated into a base policy offering.

Benefits For Your Employees

Identity theft continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. The desire to insulate employees from the stress and down-time associated with recovering from an incident has become a great concern to many employers. Programs are available as both paid and voluntary benefit packages.

Perks For Your Group Members

Use the buying power of a group to offer Identity Theft Restoration as a membership perk. If you represent an Alumni or Homeowners Association, Church Group, or any other interest group, we have an Identity Theft Restoration program for you.


Insurance Services

We specialize in partnering with the Insurance industry and providing their members with Identity Theft Resoration Services and Expense Reimbusment.We offer both endorsement and base policy coverages.

Employees Services

To help attract and retain employees in a competitive workplace, we provide either paid or voluntary Identity Restoration Services program to enhance your companies benefit offerings.

Group Member Perks

We provide programs to Alumni or Homeowner associations, Church groups,or any type of special interest group who wants to leverage their group’s purchasing power.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many members do I need to participate?

We work with groups of any size. No organization is too big and no organization is too small.

Will it cost my company anything to sign up?

There is no cost to your company to sign up. Our typical business agreements are structured for payments on a per member per month basis.

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