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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Media Expense and Resolution Coverage?

As social media has become a an increasingly larger part of our lives, new privacy and fraud threats continue to emerge. Our service is designed for social media users who want to protect themselves and family members from social media fraud and scams, account takeover, impersonation, and inappropriate content. Social Media Expense and Resolution Coverage is based on a social media monitoring service that actively scans social networks to detect privacy risks and fraudulent activity, leverages machine learning to identify inappropriate content associated with your online profile, and empowers you to take immediate action. In addition, we will pay up to $25,000 for expenses* incurred by an insured as the direct result of any covered social media event discovered during the policy period. You will also, if necessary, have access to resolution services from a consumer fraud specialist who will assist you in the process of restoring your social media accounts.

* See policy endorsement for full description and definitions.

Are all members of my household covered?

Yes.  All family member social media accounts are eligible for coverage.

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