Every year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) hosts Identity Theft Awareness Week. This year, February 1st through 5th is Identity Theft Awareness Week 2021! The intention of this week is to provide you with information that can help you increase your security and reduce the chances of you becoming an identity theft victim.

2020 was a difficult one, for a multitude of reasons. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, presidential elections and everything else the year had to offer, many Americans have been struggling. There is hope on the horizon for 2021, but we are still facing many hardships. Identity thieves have used the pandemic to add to their arsenal of schemes. From vaccine scams to stimulus check scams, we have a lot more scams and schemes to keep an eye out for.

Suggested Reading For Identity Theft Awareness Week 2021:

Please don’t take your security for granted. Your personal information can allow criminals access to your most important accounts and steal your identity. Take a look at our blog and learn how to keep yourself safe.