The FBI released the 2017 Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) Report on May 7, 2018. This report is designed to bring awareness to citizens about trending online scams and hot topics from the past year. Many of these scams and topics continue to be threats to look out for in 2018. Knowledge about potential threats will help you better protect yourself and your family this year.

Hot Topics In Internet Crime For 2017

The 2017 report highlights several hot topics which have shaped the internet crime landscape over the past year. Below are the first three topics.


  • Business Email Compromise
    • The report defines Business Email Compromise as, “…a sophisticated scam targeting businesses that often work with foreign suppliers and/or businesses and regularly perform wire transfer payments.” This is an attempt by criminals to obtain fraudulent wire transfers via tricking employees under false pretenses.
  • Ransomware
    • Ransomware is a form of malware which is designed to find the technical weaknesses in your company’s mainframe. It also preys upon employees who may not follow safe downloading and email practices. When infected with ransomware, your business’ important documents will be encrypted by the thieves and they will require a “ransom” payment in order to restore them.
  • Tech Support Fraud
    • Tech support fraud is a widespread scam in which criminals pose as a company’s legitimate technical, personal or security support staff. They do this in order to obtain personal information or to gain access to a customer’s computer or device.

2017 Statistics

In 2017, victims of identity theft in the United States lost a total of $1.42 billion. The IC3 received 301,580 complaints in 2017. Below are few key categories outlined in the statistics and their top three statistically.

  • Victims By Age Group
    • 60 +:      49,523
    • 30 – 39:  45,458
    • 40 – 49:  44,878


  • States By Number Of Victims
    • California: 41,974
    • Florida: 21,887
    • Texas: 21,852


  • Crime Types By Number Of Victims
    • Non-Payment/Non-Delivery: 84,079
    • Personal Data Breach: 30,904
    • Phishing/Pharming: 25,344

You can read the full 2017 IC3 Internet Crime Report HERE.